frequently asked questions


What is a PETpacker?
PETpackers are sturdy 750ml bottles made from recycled PET that can be reused very often. We advise you to reuse these as much as possible by ordering refills
Can I get a new label for my PETpacker?
You will recieive a new coffee info label with any refill, but If you'd like a new label for the entire bottle just let us know in the comments and we'll send you a new one!
Why would I not simply buy the cheaper refills?
Please do! You don't need to buy coffee in a PETpacker, but since the refills are sent in flimsy homecompostable baggies we do strongly urge to put the coffee in an airtight container as soon as it has arrived. 
You've sent me a plastic bag for the 1kg bulk, not PaperWise?
If you order 1kg ground coffee we prefer to send these in plastic bags which we still have lying around anyways. The PLA where we heat seal the PaperWise bags doesn't go well with ground coffee and it won't seal properly. Feel free to add to the comments if you have a container large enough for the ground coffee. We'd prefer to send the more sustainable PaperWise bags!


Can I track my shipping?
Yes, when we send coffee by mail you will recieve a tracking link as soon as we have printed out your shipping label. For bike delivery the order will be "processing" until we have delivered the package. If you recieve a "order complete" e-mail with bike delivery you can find your order in the mailbox or at a designated location. 
How long does it take before my coffee is put on the mail? 
In most cases it should be on the mail within 2-3 working days, unless 1 of your coffees is currently out of stock. Then it will be sent on Mondays or Wednesdays
How long does it for my package to arrive? I live outside of Belgium
For neighbouring countries it usually takes 1-2 working days after the status of the label has reached "processing by ...". Other countries are processed by DPD and you can find delivery schedules on their website. Drop us a mail if you need more info
100% rPET bottles
the reusable bottles are made of 100% recycled PET
homecompostable refills
select refill to receive your coffee in a homecompostable bag
1kg bulk
1kg bags are made of industrially compostable PaperWise bags
select grind
no grinder at home? we can grind the coffee for you. simply select the right grind for your brewing method
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