Kibingo FW - Burundi

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Weight 250 g

anaerobic fully washed






Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

coffee info

Kibingo washing station is in the commune of Kayanza in northern Burundi. The station itself sits 1,893 meters above sea level. The altitude of the farms in the neighboring hills that supply the washing station varies from 1,700 to 1,900 meters above sea level.

Kibingo serves 3,515 registered coffee growers, spread over 18 hills in the area. All producers registered at a Greenco washing station are organized in groups of 30 people, headed by a farm leader. This leader acts as a spokesman to facilitate communication and organization with the washing station.

The washing station is equipped with 10 fermentation tanks, 2 soaking tanks and a drying field with 165 drying tables and 4 pre-drying tables. Kibingo can process 750,000 kg of cherry per day.

At the washing station, farmers can obtain organic fertilizer from composted coffee pulp. To promote farm renovation, producers can get low-cost, subsidized coffee seedlings at the washing station. Each station has its own nursery for this purpose.

why we picked this coffee

While making this product I just realised that we sent out 150 coffees that were wrongly labeled. Oops. It's Kibingo washed, not anaerobic washed. Thank god though! You - the ever attentive reader who has been following all my little texts here since the beginning - are well aware of my opinion about anaerobic coffees.

When I cupped this coffee I was so convinced it was a Kenya. Bittersweet that was! ego: damaged, new coffee for our line-up: found.

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