TANE CV cares about your privacy and is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy and the security of your personal information in compliance with applicable laws and GDPR.

In this Privacy Policy, we explain which personal information we collect, how we collect it, and for what purposes. We

  • explain which personal information we collect and how we collect it;
  • for what purposes;
  • strive to limit the collection of personal information to those needed for legitimate purposes only;
  • first request your express consent to the processing of your personal information in cases where your consent is required;
  • implement appropriate security measures to protect your personal information, and demand the same of parties processing personal information on our instructions;
  • respect your right to request access, delete or update your  personal information.

We also process personal information through the use of cookies and similar technologies. Please read the Cookie Policy below if you would like to know more about this.

We use your data with the sole purpose of providing you with our services. This means that the goal of processing this data stands in direct relation to the assignment or task that you offer us. We do not use this data for (addressed) marketing purposes. If you share information with us and we use this information to – not based on a request – contact you at a later time, we will first ask for explicit consent. Your data is not shared with third parties, with any other purpose than to fulfil accountancy and administrative obligations. These third parties are all obligated to a duty of confidentiality based on the agreement we have with them, an oath or legal obligation.

Automatically collected data

Information automatically gathered by our website is processed with the sole purpose of providing you with and/or to further improve our services. This information (for instance your IP address (anonymised), web browser and operating system) is not personal information.

In some cases, we may be obligated by government to a lawful duty of sharing your information with the purpose of assisting in a fiscal or criminal investigation. In such cases we are forced to comply and assist, but will, based on lawful possibilities, offer objection.

We store your data for as long as you are a client with us. This means that we maintain and keep your client profile until you make it known to us that you no longer desire to use our services. Such a message also functions as a request to be forgotten. We are required to keep invoices with your (personal) information due to relevant administrative obligations, this information is safely stored for as long as the relevant term for these obligations has not yet passed. Personnel no longer has access to your client profile and any documents made because of your assignment or task.

When you choose to register an account, purchase products online, or otherwise contact us, we will ask you for some personal information about you. The main purposes for which we use your personal information are:

  • to communicate with you in a personal way;
  • to keep you up to date about our products by means of our newsletter;
  • to perform market research to understand your needs and improve our business;
  • to administer your participation in any contests, promotions, surveys or website features;
  • to administer your account for our website;
  • to execute an agreement, such as completing transactions, administering and fulfilling your purchases and related services;
  • to send status updates and service communications;
  • to send out notifications when changes are made to our policies and other (legal) documents which might concern you;
  • to comply with legal obligations.

We will only process your personal information where we have a legal basis to do so:

  • You have given us consent to process your personal information (for example if you have subscribed to our newsletter or registered for an account);
  • Processing is necessary for the completion of our services (for example if you place an order on our website);
  • To prevent, detect and/or respond to abuse of our website
  • Processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation (for example, due to fiscal regulation we need to retain certain customer data).

How we collect your personal information

You can share your personal information with us in a number of ways, for instance by:

  • subscribing to our newsletter for which we use MailChimp;
  • communicating with us by e-mail, phone, social media or in writing;
  • participating in a promotion, event, contest or online forum, or by filling out a questionnaire or survey related to products;
  • purchasing a product or service directly from our website;
  • registering for an account;
  • participating in product testing or surveys;
  • social listening: we may search the Internet for relevant and publicly available content and use it to improve its products or services resolve consumer issues;
  • cookies placed by Tane CV or third parties on your computer or mobile device when you visit our websites and accept the cookies, on which we provide information in our Cookie Policy.

By using our website, you can leave certain data with us or our service providers or agents, which may include personal information. We only store and use personal information that are provided directly by you or which are clearly provided to us for processing purposes as mentioned above or as mentioned when you provide us with personal information. We will not use the personal information for any other purposes unless you have given your prior consent. The following categories of personal information can be processed by us:

  • Contact details (e.g. first and last name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number);
  • Other personal details (e.g. gender, date of birth (optional), nationality, language);
  • Financial and transaction data (e.g. bank account information, credit- or debit card number);
  • Account details (e.g. username, password);
  • Information about your product.

We may share your personal information with third party service providers or agents (called ‘processors’) to perform certain processing activities on our behalf, such as parties involved in executing a purchase agreement (such as payment service providers (Mollie and Cashfree) and parcel delivery services (Sendcloud, Bpost, DHL,…)). We will not sell, rent, lease, or provide your personal information to third parties allowing them to use your personal information for their own purposes. We use third party service providers for website hosting (One.com), for payment processing (Mollie and Cashfree), for parcel delivery services (Sendcloud, Bpost, DHL,…) and for third party advertising (Google, Instagram, Facebook, …).

We conclude so-called ‘data processing agreements’ with all parties who process your personal information on our behalf, so that they are legally bound to keep your data confidential, to implement appropriate security measures, to notify us if the security of your data has been breached, and other obligations to protect your privacy.

When we sell (part of) a business to another company. Where such business relates to products, such transfer of ownership may include the transfer of your personal information to the new owner.

Furthermore, we will release your personal information if so required by law, where necessary for preventing or combating fraud, where necessary for dispute resolution, or for any other pressing legitimate need which under the circumstances must outweigh your privacy interests, which may include the security of our business.

We could also share personal information with third-party advertisers if we make use of their services.

We would like to send you information about products and related services that may interest you, based on your order history and onsite behavior, by means of, e.g., e-mail or other communication channels, but we will only do so if (i) you specifically consent to receive such communications from us; or (ii) you have purchased a product or service from us and you did not, at the time of purchase, make use of your right to object to receiving such communications.

You will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any further communication from us with respect to products and services by clicking the unsubscribe option.

We protect your personal information with a variety of security measures. This may include using secure registration forms, encryption of data, and restricting access to your personal information.

Personal information collected will be retained no longer than necessary in order to fulfil the purposes as outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required and justifiable or permitted by law. A few examples:

  • Your purchase. All personal information regarding your purchase will be retained until the order has been fulfilled, and two years after the legal warranty period has lapsed – unless you have registered for an account. In that case, the data will be retained for a period as specified below. Please note that some personal information must be retained for a longer period to comply with legal (fiscal) obligations.
  • Your account. Personal information regarding your account (such as your username, password, invoices and all other personal information which is stored within your account) will be retained until the moment you decide to your delete your account, and three months after. In case of inactivity of your account for 2 years it will be automatically deleted.
  • When you reach out to us. If you decide to communicate with us, we will retain any personal information received for as long as necessary to handle your request, and six months after.
  • Your subscription to our commercial communications. If you signed up for our newsletter or other forms of commercial communication, all personal information which is processed for this purpose, such as your name and e-mail address, will be retained until the moment you decide to unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe, we might retain your (e-mail) address. If that’s the case, this data will be retained for six months after you unsubscribed.
  • If you participate in contests, surveys and product testing. All personal information that might be processed during contests, surveys and your participation in product testing will be retained for two years after the data has been gathered.

We store your personal information on our website hosted on One.com. As a result, your personal information can be processed by them and stored on different locations across the world. Such service providers have taken the necessary organizational measures to protect your personal information and to ensure that your personal information will be used exclusively for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

We do not target children below 16 years old.

Your rights

Based on valid Belgian and European law you, as a concerning party, have certain rights when it comes to personal data that is processed by or on behalf of us. Below you may find an explanation of these rights and how you, as a concerning party, can invoke these rights. In principle to prevent abuse we only send invoices and copies of your data to e-mail addresses that you have made known to us. Should you wish to receive this data on another e-mail address or for instance per mail we will ask you to identify yourself accordingly. We maintain an administration of concluded requests, in case of a request to be forgotten we will maintain an administration of anonymised data. You receive all invoices and copies of data in files that are structured in a machine-readable format. Based on data classifications that we use within our system. At all times you maintain the right to lodge a complaint with the authorities here: https://ec.europa.eu/newsroom/article29/item-detail.cfm?item_id=612080  if you suspect that we mistreat or misuse your personal data.

Right of inspection

At all times you maintain the right to view the data we process that has a relation or may be reducible to your person. You may request such a viewing to our contact in charge of privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is approved we will send you, via the e-mail address known to us, a copy of all data with an added overview of processors managing this data.

Right to rectification

At all times you maintain the right to have the data we process that has a relation or may be reducible to your person be adjusted. You may request such an adjustment to our contact in charge of privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is approved we will send you, via the e-mail address known to us, a confirmation that the data has been adjusted.

Right to restriction of processing

At all times you maintain the right to limit the data we process that has a relation or may be reducible to your person. You may request such limiting to our contact in charge of privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is approved we will send you, via the e-mail address known to us, a confirmation that the processing of your data is limited until you chose to cancel said limitation.

Right of transferability

At all times you maintain the right to request for the data we process that has a relation or may be reducible to your person be processed by a third party of choice. You may send in such a request to our contact in charge of privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is approved we will send you, via the e-mail address known to us, your (personal) invoices or copies of data that we, or third parties on behalf of us, have processed. It is highly likely that in such a case we can no longer offer our services to you for we can no longer guarantee the previous data safety.

Right of objection and other rights

At all times you maintain the right to object to the processing done by us, or on behalf of us by third parties, of your personal data. In case of such an objection we will immediately cease all processing of your data while your objection is being investigated and handled. In case of a justified objection we will return all invoices and/or copies of personal data that we, or third parties on behalf of us, have processed up until that point and cease processing thereafter. You also maintain the right to not be subject of automated decision-making processes or profiling. We process your data in such a way that this right does not apply. Should you believe that this right does apply then we ask you to reach out to our contact in charge of privacy matters.


What Are Cookies

As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience. This page describes what information they gather, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored however this may downgrade or ‘break’ certain elements of the sites functionality.

Visit www.allaboutCookies.org for more information on cookies.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed below. Unfortunately in most cases there are no industry standard options for disabling cookies without completely disabling the functionality and features they add to this site. It is recommended that you leave on all cookies if you are not sure whether you need them or not in case they are used to provide a service that you use.

By using Cookies and other techniques, we make sure that, for example:

  • your shopping experience in our online shop is convenient and pleasurable;
  • you do not always receive the same information, or do not always have to enter the same information;
  • the products in your shopping cart are not lost when you close the browser;
  • we can analyse the browsing behaviour of our visitors and continue to improve the shopping experience of our online shop;
  • we can recognise the device our visitors use to make online purchases.

Types  of Cookies:

Essential Cookies

We use essential Cookies to ensure you have a good shopping experience. These Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be disabled in our systems.  We use a WordPress Plugin developed by WooCommerce.

You can set your browser to block or warn you of Cookies. In this case, you will not be able to browse the website or continue to use certain functions. This type of Cookie does not store personally identifiable information. These Cookies allow:

  • that you are notified when an order has not been executed, so that you do not lose your products in the shopping cart;
  • that log-in data is saved, so you do not have to enter it multiple times;
  • to identify possible abuses and problems.

[More information about Essential Cookies used:]

  • “woocommerce_cart_hash”: saves the items in your cart.
  • “cookie_notice_accepted” : remembers your Cookies acceptance settings for tane.coffee
  • “wp_woocommerce_session_xxxxxxxx…: memorises the information of the shopping session.
  • “wordpress_test_cookie”: to check if the cookies are enabled on the browser to provide appropriate user experience to the users. This cookie is used on the front-end, even if you are not logged in.

Functionality Cookies

We can use functionality Cookies to remember the preferences you specified in previous visits and the changes you made to the website to suit your preferences, for example language setting preferences.

Performance Cookies

Performance Cookies collect anonymous data that allows us to analyse how our visitors use our websites and thus improve the performance of our website.

Tane CV uses Google Analytics to analyse how our visitors use this website and to improve their shopping experience. Google Analytics uses Cookies to collect anonymous information as well as information about visitor behaviour. Please note the explicit addition of the term ‘anonymous’, because no personally identifiable information about you will be collected. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page (see below).

These Cookies give us insight into how often our website and our webshop are visited and how we can improve our website and webshop. The following data will be saved:

  • The IP address (will be made anonymous);
  • Browser type, screen resolution and device type;
  • The source from which our Webshop is visited;
  • The duration of the visitor’s session and the schedule at which the Webshop received the most visits;
  • Use of Webshop and Website features;
  • The pages visited;
  • Language and location.

You will find complete information about the Cookies used by Google Analytics under Cookies & Google Analytics in the Google Analytics tracking code documentation. You can also visit the following page: Google’s Privacy Policy for Google Analytics .

We do not share our analysis data with other third parties.

[More information about the performance Cookies used:]

  • “_ga ; _gali ; _gat ; _gid” : Registers a unique identifier used to collect static data about how the user uses the site.
  • “tk_ai”: stores a randomly-generated anonymous ID. This is only used within the admin area and is used for general analytics tracking.

Advertising Cookies

Third-party Cookies can be implemented to track the contribution of partner websites to our results. Some Google ads may contain third-party Cookies.

Other/unexpected Cookies

Due to the way the internet and websites work, we may not always be aware of Cookies implemented by third parties on our website. This overview of Cookies by tane.coffee shows the situation at the time of writing. Our goal is to keep this list up to date as much as possible. However, due to the non-static nature of the internet and the many (external) parties involved, it is possible that not all current Cookies and/or sites are yet listed in this overview.

Third Party Cookies

In some special cases we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section details which third party cookies you might encounter through this site.

  • Third party analytics are used to track and measure usage of this site so that we can continue to produce engaging content. These cookies may track things such as how long you spend on the site or pages you visit which helps us to understand how we can improve the site for you.
  • Several partners advertise on our behalf and affiliate tracking cookies simply allow us to see if our customers have come to the site through one of our partner sites so that we can credit them appropriately and where applicable allow our affiliate partners to provide any bonus that they may provide you for making a purchase.

If you are still looking for more information then you can contact us through one of our preferred contact methods (see below)

Privacy and Cookie policy changes

At all times we maintain the right to alter our privacy and cookie policy. This page however always displays the most recent version of our privacy policy. Should a new privacy policy have consequences for the ways in which we process recently gathered data in regard to your person, then we will notify you of this via e-mail. This Privacy and Cookie Policy was last updated 1st of May 2020 and replaces all previous versions.

Company details:

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BTW BE0743982377


Contact: Dick Wynendaele

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