Tāne Roasters Collective


a widely used word nowadays – perhaps it has come so far that it evokes an audible sigh of frustration – yet important for a reason. We aim to reduce waste to the maximum by using reusable 100% rPET bottles and refills for home or food-safe containers with a deposit-like system for wholesale. However, sustainability is more than thinking green.
Our offering is sourced by specialty importers with whom we work very closely or are known for their efforts of providing their clients with honest coffees. As such, the producers are protected from the volatile international coffee price through close collaboration and strong relationships with these importers. This allows them to invest in their farms, provide their families with a steady income and brace theirselves against climate change.


the founders are all passionate about coffee and the taste potential it has. We love to share this with anyone who wants to listen and experience the hard work the coffee farmers put in getting such a great beverage to your cup. Our aim is to put coffees and the people behind them in the spotlight. As such you will not find a Tāne coffee that is not a single origin. Furthermore we believe that a single, specialised roast profile for every coffee leads to perfection and beautifully developed beans.

We aim to provide as much info as possible and are always open for questions from your side. Ask us anything: from brew methods, pricing, roast profile information, water composition,… you name it! 


We are cooperative company by design. This means that the legal structure of our company is a CV(BA) after Belgian law. We invite those who share the same values and passion for coffee to join and invest in our cooperative. Together we can learn from one another and form strong bonds. Join our cuppings, have a say in the next releases and make use of our roasting infrastructure to explore the world of coffee.

Let us know if you are interested in getting a share in the cooperative and learn all we have to offer about coffee!

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