Gedeb - Ethiopia

Additional information

Weight 250 g



local heirloom




Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

coffee info

Most farmers in the region farm on fewer than 5 hectares (many counting their coffee farms in terms of trees rather than area). Cultivation methods remain traditional. Coffee is grown as part of an integrated ‘coffee garden’, and intercropped with other food crops.

In addition to remaining traditionally intercropped, most farms are also organic-by-default. Farmers in Yirgacheffe typically use very few—if any—fertilizers or pesticides.

Due to the size of most plots, coffee is typically handpicked by landowners and their family. All coffee is selectively hand-harvested before being delivered to a collection center or directly to the washing station.


why we picked this coffee

I called our importer to ask for some samples. He told me: "you know, Dick. I've got this sweeeeeet ethiopia that I sold to pretty much every other roaster in the Benelux. You want it?". So I - not capable of any unique thought about coffee and more than happy to have other people make choices for me - told him: "yes". And here we are!

In all seriousness, (not that my previous statement was a joke) this coffee is very "f'in good". There's a reason everyone took it.

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