BASE | Tímbo - Brazil

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Weight 250 g



bourbon, catuai, caturra, pache




Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

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The rattlesnake, known as Cascavel in Portuguese, gets a bad rap. Its reactive tendency to defend itself from all perceived threats makes it a frightening opponent. But it’s also essential to the coffee ecosystem. In addition to their beautiful markings, rattlesnakes eat rodents and other small animals. They keep these pests far away from coffee fields where they could wreak havoc by burrowing into coffee tree root systems or chewing through irrigation setups.

The Cascavel Verde (Portuguese for green) is a classic, fruity Brazil with citric acidity and floral notes. Just how one wants their BASE to be.


why we picked this coffee

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