Juliana Kiambu AA - Kenya

Additional information

Weight 250 g



SL28, Ruiru 11




Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

coffee info

Joel & Julia Njoroge Gakubu’s farm, Juliana Farm, carries a rich history rooted in a longstanding family tradition of coffee farming. Joel inherited the farm from his father, who had been cultivating coffee since 1980. Together with his siblings, Joel continues the family legacy by farming coffee and delivering it to a Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS), where traceability is maintained throughout processing.

Looking ahead, Joel and Julia have a clear vision for the future: to continue producing and processing specialty coffee. By focusing on specialty coffee, they aim to showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of their microclimate and cultivation efforts.

Joel and Julia take great pride in practicing regenerative agriculture. They use pruning, cycle change, minimum tillage and agroforestry techniques. They believe in practicing these methods because they not only ensure the sustainability of the land but also contribute to the overall health and biodiversity of the farm’s ecosystem.

They primarily rely on family labor, mostly Joel and Julia with help from family members. Together, they work tirelessly to manage and supervise the operations and maintain a hands-on approach to ensure the highest standards of quality and care. During peak seasons, they also hire laborers to support the increased workload.

why we picked this coffee

It's a Kenya 2.0 - always good stuff! The cool thing about this coffee is that it can be tracked to farmer level. Something which is not always very common to coffees coming from Kenya (or Africa in general). Unless my colleagues messed up the cupping table organisation you can expect an almost Ethiopian profile on this one. jasmin, lavender and apricot! flowerpower!

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