Tzikin - Guatemala

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Weight 250 g



bourbon, catuai, caturra, pache




Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

coffee info

The Tzikin has been such a popular coffee for the last three years that we didn't think twice about getting this years crop in the roastery. In Mayan culture, the Tz’ikin is a nahual (spirit animal) and the keeper of Mayan lands.Today, about 75% of Huehuetenango’s population are indigenous Maya. Tz’ikin is sourced from smallholders in a micro-region around La Libertad, Cuchamantes mountain range and San Pedro Necta municipalities in the Huehuetenango region. Our importer, Sucafina Specialty, contributes a portion of their profits from every bag sold. This premium goes to support agronomy outreach projects to help coffee producers adapt to a changing climate.

why we picked this coffee

Another year of TZIKIN! We love this coffee so much we're considering becoming a major shareholder in the cooperative. Unfortunately that's not possible, we think. This coffee is our most beloved and for a good reason. Such a solid coffee in its flavour profile: people pleasing basis with some sparkles of more complexity for those who look for it.

In Huehuetenango's highland embrace, Where the mountains reach out to touch the sky, A coffee called Tzikin finds its place, A treasure cherished, we cannot deny.

With an approachable taste, it's a delight, A pleasure for many, a friendly brew, But for those who seek more in their coffee's flight, Complexity hidden, a revelation to pursue.

Year after year, it returns to our cup, From Guatemala's soil, a gift from the land, In Huehuetenango, where coffee dreams disrupt, Tzikin stands tall, a taste that's truly grand.

People gather 'round, a daily ritual so dear, To savor the last drops in the bag, For Tzikin, they'd fight without fear, A coffee that sparks joy, and never a drag.

In the heart of the morning or a conscious night, Tzikin's embrace, a comforting hug, It brings people together in pure delight, A taste that's worth every sip, every slug.

So let's raise our mugs to this coffee divine, Tzikin, the gem from Guatemala's embrace, Year after year, it continues to shine, A flavor that we'll never replace.

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