Tāne triple pack 3x100g




Finally! Yes, it took us damn too long to launch some new coffees, alright! But here they are! Get these beauties before they run out. The triple pack is limited.

Finca Aurora

Dr. Enrique Ferrufino, a surgeon by trade, was born and raised on a coffee farm in the mountains of Matagalpa in 1956. Together with his wife Silvia, a pediatrician, the Ferrufino family decided to go into the coffee business in 1992 and bought Finca Aurora in 2004. They inspired in their three children a love for coffee from a very early age. Since they acquired Finca Aurora, the whole family has worked together to produce great coffee. Preserving nature is a top priority as they work using a “biodynamic” model. This means farming is done in tune with the local ecosystem. They only use renewable energy and work diligently on conserving water resources and natural habitats.

Kii AA

Kii Factory is one of three owned and operated by Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). Rungeto has over 850 members, many of whom deliver cherry to Kii. The factory itself was constructed in 1995, nestled at the foot of Mt. Kenya. The Kii River, which runs nearby, gives the factory both its name and clean water for washing fine, Fully washed coffees.

Marvin Barrantes

Owner Marvin Barrantes named his farm after his mother, Elisa Alfaro Hidalgo. Doña Elisa was well known in the town for her beautiful blue eyes. The locals of San Luis de Grecia said that only a queen could have such eyes and nicknamed her, “Reina Elizabeth.” Marvin also explains that, in addition to her beautiful blue eyes, Doña Elisa’s kindness also rivaled that of a queen.

Tasting Notes

FA: chocolate - tangerine - jasmine

Kii: redcurrant - hop flowers

MB: honey - nectarine - plum

The three long-awaited updates

Additional information

Weight 300 g

washed, honey, natural


Java, caturra, SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11


Matagalpa, Kirinyaga, Alajuela


3x100g rPETpacker


Whole Beans

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