PSYCHEDELIC | Inmaculada - Colombia

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Cauca, Colombia


Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

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A new PSYCHEDELIC coffee in the roastery! As per tradition, let me just copy paste the producer info from Falcon Specialty website:

Natural Fellows Farms

This coffee by Inmaculada is a combination of finding producers with high quality coffee and then combining this with their knowledge and high end expertise to produce some of the finest coffees in Colombia at their high tech mill in Pinchinde.

They have sourced cherry from four farmers just two hours away in Cauca where they are paying high cherry prices at the farmgate based on the % of ripe cherry they receive. The team at Inmaculada communicate with the producers at when ready they send a truck down to collect the freshly harvested cherry.

In this lot there are 4 producers


Once the coffee has arrived at the mill at Inmaculada it goes through these steps

1) Final sorting of cherry and cleaning

2) The coffee is fermented for 6 days Anaerobic in sealed containers where the pH goes from an ititial 4.78 down to 4.35 and the Brix from 15 to 8 within the cherry.

3) The coffee is then transferred to the drying house where the team have implemented oreadors that use a vacuum system to dry the coffee. It uses the flow of air in a controlled environment to withdraw the moisture and humidity in the drying boxes to allow an even and stable dying process. The oreadors are temperature and humidity controlled.

4) Initally the coffee will be dried for 48 hours to remove the initial moisture with out any turning. The coffee is no longer 'stcky' and at this point and then can be rotated in the boxes 3 x per day. The total drying time is 15 days.


Inmaculada Coffee Farms is in the village of Pichindé, a county in the municipality of Cali, located within the state of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. This area is surrounded by the Farallones National Park, in the Andes mountain range with an elevation between 1,700 and 2,000 meters above sea level.

The Holguin Ramos belongs to a family with a profound tradition in the agroindustry sector for over ninety years. They have seen the richness and generosity of this land.

In 2010 they decided to create "Inmaculada Coffee Farms" as a way of giving back in a sustainable way the love and happiness they have received from the community of Pichindé. It has been almost a decade since they engaged in a dream of planting coffee in a territory that was merely in pasture and brush, but thanks to its nature, altitude, climate, beauty and lots of work, it has turned out to be the perfect environment for planting exotic coffee varieties.

They have planted some of the finest beans ever grown on earth. The plantation is surrounded with the most diverse cover plants like: guamo, acacias, lemon, guabos, citronella, and a legume shrub called tephrosia making this natural habitat the perfect shade for producing the most delicious exotic coffee beans.

They never imagined that these selected beans that arrived to this land would be génerous enough to produce one of the best coffee aromas and flavors of the world. That is why with a cup we can drink a complex Bourbon, a fruitful Gesha, an aromatic Eugenioides, an intense Sudan Rume or a light Laurina.

Natural Fellows

why we picked this coffee

Not an anaerobic coffee but a natural coffee? Who would've thought in todays "crazy coffee" landscape? As part of the 2 coffees on the table that were, in our words: "lekker shmikkelen" we now have our second one launched. The strange (and great) thing about specialty coffee is that you have sour coffees (we call these acidic, because that sounds better than sour). You'd expect the experience of sour to be the same for all acidic coffees, but ha no! I don't know how, but the acidity in this coffee is unlike anything I have tasted in recent memory. I imagine it to be like the experience of sailors in the 1400's when they'd eat an orange and feel the scurvy disappear from their bodies. So very unlike the experience of a kid eating their first smoelentrekker or the dog here just below:

Dog Lemon GIF - Dog Lemon Tongue GIFs


Anyway, this coffee will redefine your experience of the 5 basic tastes. It has all of them. Except salty, but I'm sure you feel like that now after seeing how much this coffee costs. Find gentle notes of Pink Lady apple, Rosewater and ANANÁS or is it ANÁNAS?

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