Pink Madness 3x100g pack - Colombia






3x100g of pure mouth watering goodness, the holy trinity of coffee.
Three different processing methods of one superb coffee variety; Pink Bourbon.
Three different farms from the same region in Colombia.

Los Naranjos, El Triangulo and Buenavista

Pink Bourbon is a hybrid of the more common varieties Yellow Bourbon and Red Bourbon. These outstanding coffees are characterised by strong floral notes and bright acidity.
This supreme variety also has a higher glucose content than its yellow and red siblings. So not only will this produce a sweeter cup but also a silky mouthfeel and very smooth body.


Name - country: Los Naranjos - Colombia
origin: Huila
process: Washed
variety: Pink Bourbon
notes: Jasmine - Purple grape - Black tea
visuals: Floral - Complex - Bright

At Finca Los Naranjos, producer Gloria Monteros combines her training in agriculture and waterway protection with her passion for a great cup of coffee to produce a clean, bright cup whose round, creamy body is sweet, balanced and complex.

One way she’s applying her technical knowledge is by using soil analysis to determine optimal fertilization techniques. She’s also using her knowledge to control fermentation and pinpoint the right time to halt fermentation.

Her focus on producing high quality coffee enables her to increase her family’s livelihood while protecting the surrounding natural environment.


Name - country: El Triangulo - Colombia
origin: Huila
process: Honey
variety: Pink Bourbon
notes: Grapefruit - Black Cherry - Floral
visuals: Floral - Fruity - Complex

Third-generation producer Evelio Mota inherited his passion for coffee production from his grandparents. Evelio collaborates with 14 producers in his region, all of whom are recognized for their meticulous processing and excellent quality. Motta is related to 4 of the producers in his group, including his cousin, Edgar Mota of Finca Buena Vista.

Evelio has big plans for coffee production on Finca El Triangulo and his region at large. As part of his collaboration with neighboring producers, Evelio is working to increase their collective market access, improve the drying infrastructure on his farm and renovate his rootstock to increase his coffee quality.


Name - country: Buenavista - Colombia
origin: Huila
process: Natural
variety: Pink Bourbon
notes: Pear, Tropical fruit, Creamy
visuals: Floral, Funky, Rich

Edgar Motta inherited his coffee farm and began cultivating the Caturra and Castillo variety plants already on the land. His farm is called Buenavista, after the beautiful scenic views he sees while working on the farm. Edgar partnered with Inconexus to help preserve the beautiful environment on and around his farm.

With Inconexus’ support, Edgar planted Pink Bourbon trees, a move he still considers one of the best decisions he’s ever made for his farm. His Pink Bourbon lots flourish at his farm’s altitude, produce higher cup scores and are more disease resistant. The higher quality coffee Edgar is now producing enables him to preserve the forested land on his farm by maximizing value on the existing land where he’s planted coffee.



Additional information

Weight 250 g

natural, washed, honey


pink bourbon




Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

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