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Los Naranjos Canton, El Salvador


Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

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Finca Los Naranjos is a located in the Los Naranjos Canton and this is where it takes it name from. The farm has 22 manzanas producing coffee with the varietals bourbon, Pacamara and Geisha, pacas and catimor planted on the farm. In total there are 45 workers on the farm which increase to 115 in the peak of the harvest. The production is good on the farm averaging around 25 bags of green coffee per manzana (0.66ha). There are shade trees planted throughout the farm and they regular take soil samples to check the balance of nutrients and the composition. The farm follows the principles of the RENACER field school in looking after the farm applying the principles taught there to producers from around the region.

The Technical field school which is led by Sigfredo with 6 field technicians to help small to medium producers in the are by focusing on best farm practises that are restorative for the land and soil as well as beneficial for the yield and quality of the coffee. The field school is based at the sister farm of Los Naranjos named Finca Noruega. At Finca Noruega classes are held twice a month for the students. Throughout the year there are 3 modules and these look to focus on the 4 R's the program have developed for soil health. Right Source. Right Dose. Right Place. Right Moment.

The coffee is selectively harvested at Los Naranjos farm and from here it then is taken to the wet mill and drying beds at Beneficio San Rafael located between the two hills of El Pilon and Cerro Aguila at 1450 masl. The wet mill is just by the Los Naranjos farm. Here the coffee cherry is assessed to ensure ripe even picking. If there are any issues with uniformity they feed this back to the farm so they can adjust and calibrate the
picking. The coffee is then washed and floated and teh depulped leaving on as much mucilage as
possible. After this the coffee is then taken to the raised beds and then dries for 22 - 25 hours. The coffee is moved on the beds between 0800 -1430 each day.

why we picked this coffee

Anyway, now that we have that literal copy-paste from the Falcon Specialty Coffees website out of the way we can tell you why we picked this coffee. It is nice to drink all day round. It'll please most drinkers - from your grandmother to your friend who won't drink a coffee if it has not been blessed with the tears of our dear lord James Hoffmann himself. For your grandmother it'll taste like coffee - for us who think too highly of themselves it tastes like babelutte candy and paranuts. One of us also accidentally inhaled coffee during the cupping and tasted peppermint during their coughing fit. Interesting taste experience, but not advised.

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