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Weight 250 g





Ahuachapan, El Salvador


Whole Beans, French Press, V60, Aeropress, Automatic Dripper, Bialetti

coffee info

Finca Los Angeles is a beautiful 23 manzana planted with only Pacamara farm situated in the Ahuachapán mountain range in the west of El Salvador. This farm is part of the Los Naranjos group headed by Sigfredo Corado a retired professor of Agronomy from the National School of Agriculture.

The coffee is selectively harvested at Los Angeles farm and from here it then is taken to the wet mill and drying beds at Beneficio San Rafael located bewteen the two hills of El Pilon and Cerro Aguila at 1450 masl. The wet mill is just by the Los Naranjos farm. Here the coffee cherry is assessed to ensure ripe even picking. If there are any issues with uniformity they feed this back to the farm so they can adjust and calibrate the picking. The coffee is then washed and floated and then depulped leaving on as much mucilage as possible. After this the coffee is then taken to the raised beds and then dries for 22 - 25 hours. The coffee is moved on the beds between 0800 -1430 each day.

why we picked this coffee

Pacamara! Known for its extra large beans which some old skool roasters think makes them taste better. Don't be fooled, they don't! In coffee size doesn't matter - it's what is on the inside that counts! This is the only coffee we ever bought without cupping samples. And to be honest, it's a fantastic coffee, which makes us wonder if we just should stop cupping coffees before getting them???? Find sweeeet notes of marmelade and brown sugar with black tea. Perfect for our non-existing winter!

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